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LeBron James – Jab Step Move

Video of LeBron James demonstrating a jab step.

Important things to notice:

  • CATCH AND FACE:  The first thing LeBron does when he catches the ball is face the basket (no dribble).
  • TRIPLE THREAT, PROTECT THE BALL:  When he faces he puts the ball on his hip (not in front of his waist) and slightly turns his shoulder putting his shoulder between the defender and the ball to protect the ball.  Now he is in a triple threat position where he can 1. shoot   2. pass   or   3. dribble.
  • SHORT JAB, MAINTAIN BALANCE, HEAD UP:  In this move LeBron uses a double jab (one shorter and one longer) to create space for a jump shot.  Notice how his jabs are short (even the longer one) and quick and he is always balanced (he does not fall forward).  He also keeps his head up while jabbing (as opposed to staring into the ground) so he can see if the defender reacts to the jab.
  • PROTECT THE BALL WHILE JABBING:  Notice how the ball stays on his hip while he uses the jab.  He does not extend the ball to the defense while jabbing.  Only his foot moves forward.

VIDEO LINKhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_RpDPdeR6Y

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