Q: How do I try out for the Titans team?

The Titans Basketball Program typically conducts formal tryouts 1-2x per year. In addition to formal tryouts, the Titans often invite prospective players to workout/practice with current Titans teams/players. For more information about our next formal tryout, or to attend a workout/practice please email jcohen@titansbball.org .

Q: How many Titans basketball teams are there and for what age groups?

The age groups of Titans teams varies from season to season.  Contact Us for more information about current teams and age groups.

Q: How much does it cost to play for the Titans?

The Titans Basketball Program prides itself on providing enormous value at an extraordinarily reasonable cost. The cost of our program is typically 50%-70% less than that of comparable Programs. Furthermore there are financial aid opportunities and payment plans available for those families who may have difficulty affording the registration fees.

Q: How often is practice and are practices mandatory?

Practice is typically 1-2x per week for 60-90 minutes (depending upon the age group), and yes, attendance at practice is mandatory.

Q: Where are the Titans based?

The Titans are based out of the Family Life Center which is located at 20 Andrews Avenue, Wyandanch, New York. However, during each season our teams travel to numerous locations locally, regionally, and even nationally to compete.

Q: Do the Titans have a Code of Conduct Policy?

Yes.  The Titans Basketball Program prides itself on developing its young players both on and off the court.  View our Code of Conduct Policy.

Q: Do the Titans have a Concussion awareness program and protocol?  

Yes.  The health and well-being of our players are of utmost importance. View our concussion awareness program and protocol.