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Winter Break – Daily Ball handling, Form Shooting, & Conditioning

During the winter break it does not look like we will have access to the gym for practice.  Consequently, it is very important to you continue to work on your skills on your own.

If you do not pick up a ball for two weeks you will lose some of the gains you have made over the last 2 months.  DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

I have included below a 20-30 minute workout that I recommend you do every day.  Most of the drills are the same or similar to ones we have done in our practices and clinics so they will be familiar to you.


Ball handling routine (10 minutes):  All of the drills listed are demonstrated in this video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8tfeKsrXtM

  • Pound Dribble  (Right and Left Hand)
    • Shoulder Height
    • Waist Height
    • Knee Height
  • Crossovers
    • Shoulder
    • Waist
    • Knee (with floor touch)
  • Push Pull Front to Back (Right and Left Hand)
  • Push Pull Side to Side (Right and Left Hand)
  • Tennis Ball Toss

Note:  Watch the ceiling height (obviously), and if there is a wall you can use for (e.g. garage) for the “partner toss”, great, if not skip this one.

Form Shooting  (10 minutes):  Review earlier post (“Form Shooting Drill”) to ensure proper technique.

  • 100 “Shots” – Right hand
  • 100 “Shots” – Left hand

Note:  Instead of shooting at a basket you will focus on your form and shoot the ball into the air.  You can do this from a seated position or lying on your back if ceiling height is an issue.  Concentrate on correct placement of the ball in your hand (fingertips not palm) AND generating tight backspin with your wrist snap.

Strength and Conditioning (5 minutes)

  • 50 push-ups – If you cannot do 50 consecutive push-ups break them up into (2 sets of 25).
  • 50 squats – Same as above, if you cannot do 50 consecutively then do 2 sets of 25.
  • 100 lateral jumps – Create a “line” and jump over the line side to side 100 times as fast as you can.
  • 100 jumps front/back – Same as above, but instead of jumping side to side you will jump front to back.  100 jumps as fast as you can.

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